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Video communication is now an integral tool for modern business.  We understand the importance of effective communication and a professional representation of your brand… do it well.  From Corporate Profiles and Communication Tools to Interactive Training and Explainers, Spear & Magic Productions offers modern solutions for Corporate and Industrial video production that both impress and effectively execute their function.

  • High-End & Economy Options

  • Interactive Capabilities

  • Creative Development & Collaboration

Corporate Profiles

Corporate Profiles provide an engaging overview of your company, services or leadership in ways that text alone can never do.  Professional production and graphics reflect your brand in a manner you’ll be proud to showcase- seamlessly matching, and complimenting, your visual identity.  Plus, the digital format is easily distributed and shared, so it’s perfect for your online presence, E-newsletters, industry trade shows and more. 

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Shorts & Testimonials

Short-form video is a fantastic way to communicate simple ideas in an engaging format that commands response from viewers.  There’s no denying the power of an on-screen testimonial from a satisfied customer… or a simple to understand explanation from an expert member of your team.  Short video and testimonials are perfect for communicating concepts, services and features in a easily embeddable digital format that goes well beyond use on your website.

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Interactive Communication

Interactive communication, training and engagement is now an affordable reality in digital video.  Spear & Magic has partnered with leading digital technology companies to offer an interactive communication solution that is modern and budget-conscious.  We facilitate the complete development of full programs, including LMS implementation, as well as smaller-scale, video only or modular projects..  This makes Spear & Magic your one-stop solution for interactive training, e-learning, communication and more! 

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Tutorials & Animated Explainers

Spear & Magic Productions often employs motion graphics for brands looking for a contemporary feel and function.  Animated tutorials, explainers and infographics are a great way to dynamically demonstrate a process, product, service, concept or otherwise.   Popular animated products include whiteboards and motion graphic text animation that many large brands utilize in a multitude of ways.  You can count on Spear & Magic to help identify the right options for your brand.

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Events & Live Production

Leveraging video for display, communication and recap of your corporate event can provide much added value. Documentation, event profiles, and interviews are fantastic for public relations, web resources, and social media campaigns.  Popular applications include Trade Show coverage, Town Hall Meetings, Conferences, Training Seminars and More!  From Short Overviews to Full-Length Coverage, Spear & Magic has a way to help get more from your event.

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