SMART, to us, means not wasting your money.

It means getting the results you need in ways that make sense.  
Not just because they’ve been done a certain way before.

SMART means being more than white noise.

It means talking to people who want to listen.

You wouldn’t stand on the side of the highway shouting at all the cars as they whizz by, would you?  Well, maybe… if you were selling hot dogs and motor oil!  But it probably wouldn’t work very well if you were selling collectible detective comic books from the 50’s, would it? I mean how many customers of collectible detective comic books from the 50’s do you think will be driving past you on that highway?

                 That doesn’t sound very SMART

But what if you knew that there was a comic book club in town?  And also a 50’s fan club right down the street?  Not to mention the Young Detectives Society!  It would seem pretty SMART to sell your comics to them, don’t you think?

That’s target marketing.  And it’s something that’s really easy to do today using the internet and social media.  All the little niches, clubs, and categories of potential customers have done business owners the convenience of huddling up together in little corners and raising giant flags that tell us what they are looking for!

The best part?  They WANT to know about your business!  Because it pertains to their tastes, they’d love to hear about it, patronize it, and tell all their friends about how great it is too!

So now you can find every person in a 50 mile radius who enjoys collectible detective comic books from the 50’s, let them know about your business, and have them spread the word to all their collectible detective comic books from the 50’s friends… without having to spend thousands of dollars every month on TV and print advertising that basically equates to shouting on the side of a busy highway.

         We think that’s pretty SMART.




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