“New Media” and/or “Social Media” marketing… I’m sure you’ve heard these terms before.  They’re practically inescapable to entrepreneurs and business owners these days whether your the CEO of an international brand, an independent hardware store owner, or chocolatier based in your apartment with an e-commerce site.  You can read article after article, and blog after blog, outlining all the steps you should be taking to turn the internet into a cash machine for your business, but you may still be confused about what Social Media Marketing really is and why you’re doing it!

Lets make it simple… “New Media” is just a snappy term for anything that involves the internet, computers, or digital technology (like your television’s “On-Demand” feature).  And “Social Media” is the fancy term for websites people at home can collectively contribute to… popular sites you probably have used- like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. “Social Media Marketing” simply means using those websites to market your business, service, organization… even your personality!

These “Social Media” sites make it easy and enjoyable to keep in contact with family, re-connect with old friends, update the people in your life on exciting news… even share a song you like from the radio. Its increasingly becoming an integral part of daily lives (if it isn’t already for you).  Its now where people turn to get breaking news, debate politics, or even find a date. Of course Social Media sites can also be used to specifically target potential customers, cultivate a relationship with them, and drive them to your business! Which is exactly why you should be using them.  It’s easy, it’s free, and it works!

Forget all the complicated terms and theories you’ve been reading like “SEO”, “Stickability”, and “Gamification” for a moment, and get down to the basics- Social Media Marketing means using Facebook to promote your business!  That’s essentially it!… all the rest falls into place once you start with that understanding.

If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, setting one up is very easy… and if you can’t figure it out, then there are tons of tutorials on Youtube to guide you through it.  Just go to YouTube and type “Facebook Business Page Tutorial” in the search.  See? You’re already leveraging the power of social media!

So what are you waiting for??  Go create a Facebook page for your business, and start “Social Media Marketing”. Of course effective social media marketing means using the tools the right way, but it’s not very difficult-  Give Spear and Magic Helmet Productions a call, and we’ll be glad to help you out!

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