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Digital Video has become an integral aspect of modern marketing campaigns.  From videos that drive SEO to pre-roll for targeted marketing to sharable video for social media, Digital Video is fundamental to modern businesses and organizations. As our cornerstone service, Spear & Magic has the tools to help you leverage the powerful capabilities of Digital Video.

  • Sharable & “Viral” Ready

  • Boundless in Scope/ Free in Format

  • Modern & Engaging

Digital Trailers

A popular tool in promotion, Digital Trailers are very effective in drawing attention to novels, events, products and more!  The short and sharable format is a perfect match for use in social media, YouTube channels, and e-mail newsletters.  Ask Spear & Magic how Digital Trailers can be used to bolster your Search Engine Optimization!

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Instructional / How-To

Instructional videos are a social media favorite! Demonstrate a process in promotion of your expertise, product, service, website, app or otherwise! Popular formats include cooking demos, DIY projects, “Hacks”, tutorials and more.  Production with Spear & Magic ensures your audience will be engaged, informed and eager to share your video with others!

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Digital Shorts

Short form videos are perfect for quick blog and article content, social media sharing and audience engagement.  Simple in form but professional in execution, Shorts can be composed of almost any content relevant to your needs- showcases, instructions, announcements, tips, news or just about anything else you’d like to communicate. Spear & Magic typically packages multiple short videos together for an economic solution to your digital marketing!

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Targeted Pre-Roll

Digital marketing tools now allow targeted advertising via video Pre-Roll- television-style advertisements that play before the videos people watch on the internet. These Pre-Roll advertisements can be specifically targeted to play for the exact demographic you want to reach- from location, to age, to income, to industry and more! Contact Spear & Magic and find out more about this modern, economic alternative to traditional television advertising!

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Digital Profiles

Spotlight your company, organization, product, personality, service and more, with Digital Profiles from Spear & Magic Productions! Digital Profiles are dynamic and professional, matching your aesthetic and reinforcing your brand identity. Most importantly they augment Search Engine Optimization, website engagement, and social media profiles.

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