Affordable TV commercial production may be closer than you think.  TV commercials don’t need to be elaborate or expensive to be effective.  When we were approached by Green Energy Management Services (G.E.M.S.), a Green Energy company serving the Tri-State area, they wanted to create a local television advertisement but were afraid their limited budget wouldn’t allow for both production and media costs. We took a look at their overall budget and proposed an economic spot using animated graphics and a voice-over.

G.E.M.S. had a very specific vision for what they wanted, and we were able to fulfill that vision in a way that allowed plenty of room in their budget for purchasing media.  We think it’s important that small businesses are able to get what they need in their marketing efforts, no matter the budget! If you are thinking about running a local TV commercial for your business, but may be concerned about cost, call a production company like Spear & Magic who can provide some surprising options for you!

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