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Spear & Magic Productions NJ Production Company

Spear and Magic Productions is a modern TV and video production company, specializing in small businesses and organizations on the New Jersey Shore (Monmouth County/ Ocean County) and the Greater New York City area.  Spear & Magic creates modern video for modern businesses- including web video, web advertisements, TV commercials and custom video series.   This is not the production company of old!  Our goal is to provide marketing solutions through modern video products that every small business and organization can benefit from- no matter the budget!

We understand the troubles of small business marketing- after all, we’re a small business too! We know that marketing can be difficult and costly in ways you can’t afford. But answers to your marketing problems may be closer than you think!  There are easy and modern ways for small businesses to make a splash and gain exposure through web video and TV commercials… bringing those solutions to you is what Spear & Magic specializes in! Most importantly, Spear & Magic makes sure it fits your budget- in fact, we guarantee we can help your business no matter your budget!  Don’t know the basics? Not a problem, that’s what we’re here for- to help you understand and get you started!  Already a pro?  Great! The sky is the limit!  We’re not just a production company, we’re a catalyst for growth!

Spear & Magic Productions is headed by producer Louis J. Rebecchi, who brings a rare blend of creative talents and understanding of modern marketing.  As producer for leading television, commercial and web video production company, including the innovative UbaTv.com, RockSoup Productions, and Jet One Productions, L.J. Rebecchi has gained an expertise in the art of fresh and modern TV and web video.  With a combination of his professional creative background- including writing, directing, editing, graphic design and more… and professional organizational background- including production management, business development, and marketing, Mr. Rebecchi infuses each and every project with statement, style and modern application.